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This Week with David Lee September 21, 2020

Do you want to learn about the REAL source of the V I R U S??? Chemtrails, nano-bots, ingestion of those nano-bots, EMF’s caused by Cell phones, WiFi, Smart Meters, Smart TV’s, Gwen towers, IPads, Computers, etc. and how they can manipulate/trigger those nano-bots within your body causing the virus. If in doubt,..........RESEARCH!!


This Week with David Lee September 14, 2020

September 20th over Alabama.
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This Week with David Lee September 7, 2020

Research Operation Paperclip. You will not be surprised at the direction our country is headed once you learn of the US Corporate CEO’s and leaders brought here from Nazi Germany. The Communistic Luciferian Serpent is raising its head and is about to strike. Most think they can prevent this from happening voting for the “best” candidate. But when both parties work for the Communists it’s only a matter of a slow progressive transition into full blown Communism.

This Week with David Lee August 31, 2020

This Week with David Lee August 17, 2020

Are you getting the picture yet? A vaccine to introduce a third strand of DNA into your body. A triple helix. The mixing of iron (technology) with clay (flesh/body/mankind). When you accept the vaccine you will become TRANSHUMAN. A Genetically Modified Organism/Artificial Intelligence controlled through 5G frequency manipulation. They’ve been prepping your body for years now through the nano-particles dispersed through Chemtrails, GMO foods, beverages, beauty products, lotions, etc. We ingest them daily.

This Week with David Lee August 24, 2020


This Week with David Lee August 8, 2020

John Macarthur and Grace Community Church Defy CA Ban on Indoor Church Services

Covid-19 insanity in California Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA

They have restarted church services both inside and outside.

On with Tucker Carlson 2min


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