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On Vaccines, Masks, and Phamaceutical Companies

Like I said before, I used to work at Genentech for many years. I was making tons of money there, great benefits. I had just finished my first sabbatical. So why did I leave? I discovered that an industrial coolant had been leaking into the pharmaceuticals, maybe for years. Genentech was manufacturing sterile, injectable, genetically engineered drugs. The drugs were freeze dried, and the fluid that heated and cooled the shelves in the freeze drier (lyophilizer) was leaking into the drugs under vacuum. I went to meetings with the high muckity-mucks at the company and told them what I had found out. After a short time, I was not allowed to come to the meetings any more. They didn’t want to hear what I had to say. They eventually decided not to recall any of the drugs, that it was OK to inject this oil into people! So I quit.

Also, both myself and my daughter have been vaccine injured. I am convinced that I received the abortificant vaccine that was discussed in this video when I got a tetanus shot. Since then I married my husband and have been pregnant several times and lost the baby very early in pregnancy. My daughter had a very mild form of autism from a Hepatitis C vaccine given to her as an infant. I wish I had known then what I know now.

So the info in this video is really important. Listen please!


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