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September 11th - September Clues

I don't know when I first came across the original September Clues video but it made more sense than anything else I had looked into about 9/11

Here it is being hosted on  Fakeotube ... I guess it can't be on youtube anymore

(over an hour)


I like the Fakeologist guy. I listen to many of his podcasts and he has lots of resources on his websites. He works well with other researchers. I think he is down on Flat Earth right now, but he still considers Elite Gender Inversion.

Here is his latest recording with Simon Shack of September Clues fame.

(2 hours)


Simon Shack has a great website following his September Clues video.

There is a great forum there. I think they kicked me off, thinking that I am controlled opposition. (you can't talk Flat Earth or System Actors there) They are always fighting off attacks.

I also enjoy this later 7minute long video of synched up tv coverage on 9/11


Also on September Clues you will find the huge VicSim Victim Simulation Report from HoiPoloi

80 pages looking into the supposed 3000 victims of 911

9|11|9: the Vicsim Report

After all this info .... this is exactly my thinking also:

A question that naturally comes to mind is : So if the 9/11 victims were all fabricated identities (designed to stir up public outrage and the 'need' for endless wars), who are those mourning relatives we've all seen on TV (and at 9/11 "truth" conferences), vainly asking Bush for answers and for a New, Independent 9/11 investigation? Could these individuals possibly be paid actors cast in the role of "victims' relatives", in order to uphold the crucial myth of the "3000 victims of 9/11"?




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