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This Week with David Lee September 14, 2020

September 20th over Alabama.
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Anyone remember this movie from 1973?? Look at the details. If you think all of this has not been pre-planned you are sadly mistaken. Better get your household ready.
-Prayers of protection, provision and peace for those that do not consent to the Luciferian Beast System. May we seek the wisdom and guidance of YHWH through the evil days ahead.

Final Evidence Covid-19 Is A ‘SimEx’ – Planned Simulation Exercise by WHO and World Bank

Entering the Tribulation

Are you prepared to be governed by AI? One of the reasons for 5G, 6G, 7G ++ is for AI to receive the frequencies needed to function effectively. Many believe the programming of MSM saying its needed for faster speeds of downloading movies, games, etc. Little do they know the Trojan horse that comes with it. The AI Luciferian Beast system will soon rule/control humans. A total slave state. If you refuse to consent, they will drop you like flies by enacting the nano-particles within your bodies causing heart attacks, strokes, seizures, etc.


Sharing from a friend......
Covid is a hoax and the proof is much easier. There is no such thing as a virus. Because Virus are verbs; actions of your cells. They are not nouns and never will be. Virus in Latin is poison. The cover up here (which is easy to prove with endless evidence) is: if you have a viral cold, or viral cells, your body is detoxing (or trying to) and the question is, what caused me to become toxic?
If you have a viral sickness, than you have chemical overdose and are toxic/and are detoxing.
Viral cells only happen when you are POISONED. This has long been known. The field of Virology and Vaccines came from toxicology. (i.e. the study of poison!)
Wake up.
There is no virus.
There are only poisons.
Look around!
Fake food,
Fluoride (and endless other chemicals in our water)
Off gassing,
Electro magnetic fields of electronics,
the list goes on and on....
This is your enemy.
Why do the elite get away with this farce?
Because consumer idiots are gullible saps,
and you all have accepted a fraudulent unscientific boogeyman virus idea.
Heck, even so called medical professionals are heavily BRAINWASHED to promote a fraud...
Wake up.
Covid is a hoax.
The whole concept of a virus is a hoax. There is no such thing as a Virus.
A viral cold is a matter of your cells detoxing you.
Virus is a Verb and will never be a THING!
All virus are good. Because all a virus is, is a verb, an action of your cells, A GOOD ACTION!
The problem is the poisons that cause your body to go into detox mode.
And if you are gullible enough, guess what happens if you go to western fraud medicine for help? They try to inject you with more poison....
Go look at base definition of a viral and put the pieces together on your own.
Most of western medicine and big pharma is a hoax; an actual set up; an actual business that strives to keep you sick, in order to leach off you as lifelong clients.


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